Sonic Branding

Commercial jingles, audio logos, audio design for software/apps

Music Production & Writing

Co-writing, toplining, or full music production

Mixing & Mastering

Get your music sounding just right with our obsessive ears for mixing and mastering


Portfolio & Demo Reel

Jingle Demo Reel

Above all else, jingles need to be catchy and informative - especially if they are radio jingles with not supporting visuals. Here's a selection of some the jingles Sound Emblem as created for our clients.

Airwave - Example of Audio UX

With an audio-first communication app, audio UX is high priority for Airwave. Airwave partnered with Sound Emblem to develop custom audio for in-app user interactions and custom notification sounds. 

Filo - Example of Audio Logo

Businesses and organizations have countless tools and resources for their teams. Filo provides a central workplace that seamlessly integrates those tools and allows better communication across the team. This excerpt video is the sound logo Sound Emblem developed with Filo. In addition to the brand audio mark, the project also involved custom sounds and notifications for in-app interactions.

Audio Logo Demo Reel

Here's a selection of custom audio logos we've created for our clients. These typically align with a logo reveal, and intro/outro of video content, or other key brand moments.

Music Production Example

With experience in music production, writing, mixing, and mastering, we can be a one-stop shop for brands, films, advertising agencies, or artists. Our focus is on indiepop and pop music. Here's a quick example of one song from Cradle Cat. Whether it's a song we already have in our portfolio or bespoke music for your project, we can help build the soundtrack for your brand or music for artists.


Marcus Wadell

Sound Emblem is the production company of Marcus Wadell. Marcus has written jingles for dozen of brands (including Domino's Pizza), designed audio for software and mobile applications, and written, produced, mixed, or mastered music for other artists as well as my own music for Cradle Cat.